Here at Wyld Rose Holistic's we are proud to offer a range of Natural Handcrafted Artisan Dog Shampoo soaps for the Retail & Wholesale Market . 

We sell in 50g & 100g bars, if you are interested in our Wholesale Pet Price List please drop us an email.


All our Soaps are made using natural ingredients of Coconut, Olive oil & Organic African Shea Butter, all known for their lathering, cleansing & moisturizing properties. They contain doggy approved doses of Therapeutic grade essential oils & Natural Clays for your Perfect Pet. Our Handcrafted Artisan Soaps our individually hand wrapped, stamped and labelled with own designer papers and unique Wyld Rose logo, ingredient’s listing, batch code and roll over date. 



Lavender, Honey & Oat – For Sensitive Coats

Gentle Conditioning Shampoo bar for dry and flaky coats,

gently cleansing without stripping the natural oils.

Made in our unique base formula of Natural Coconut, Olive Oils and Organic African Shea butter,

Castor oil, Honey, Organic Oats, Lavender Essential oils.


Peppermint & Green Clay- Chill Out Shampoo bar

Peppermint oil is renowned for soothing aches & pains, seasonal allergy symptoms,

and fighting infections. It contains therapeutic properties to improve the skin and coat acting as a natural

painkiller and muscle relaxant. Green Clay removes dirt and toxins so great after a mucky puppy walk up the field! 

What’s in it? 

Natural Coconut, Olive oils and Organic Shea butter,

Castor oil, Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential oils.



Bamboo charcoal lime cedar -   Buzz off Conditioning Shampoo bar

for skin and coat conditioning and dermatitis of all types.

What’s in it?  Natural Coconut, Olive oils and Organic unrefined organic Shea butter,

Castor oil, Cedarwood, Lime and Citronella essential oils.




























About Us

Wyld Rose Holistics emerged out of our passion for natural essential oils, natural creamy butters and botanical's and the health and well being properties they provide us.

From making our products in our workshop to the manufacturers we choose we continue to inspire change when creating beautiful products for our customers. Sustainably for the health of everyone and the planet is very important to us.


This combined with a fascination for Traditional Cold-process soap making techniques, our love of Eastern travel, colour, casting, shape, pattern and print our business [..]

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